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Meet Olga and Max

Hey! We are Olga and Max and founded Rellgo in 2019.

We are happily married and come from the small village of Nettelstedt. We got to know each other at work and it was already clear that we not only complement each other perfectly in our private lives, but also professionally.

Olga is definitely the creative part and has an eye for interior design. She is also an absolute talent for communication and has a feeling for writing. Max, on the other hand, is a numbers person and is very familiar with all platforms. On top of that, he is an avid DIY enthusiast.

But how did we actually get to Rellgo? Well, thanks to Olga's creativity and Max's DIY talent, we have regularly created wooden furniture for private use. And at some point we thought...why don't we do more with our passion?

We sat down together and made a plan. Of course, the beginning was not easy. We not only needed a reliable raw material supplier, but also materials that come from organic cultivation and at the same time have a short delivery distance.

And what shall we say? We made it! We can proudly say that the majority comes from Europe. Many pieces of furniture are not only 100% Made in Germany, but also grown in Germany.

But now enough chatter. Just come by and see for yourself.

If you have any questions about us or our products, then write us a WhatsApp .

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