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care instructions

Care for oak tables properly, that's how it works - 5 simple tips

Tip No. 1 Ensure a healthy indoor climate Furniture and plants need a healthy indoor climate just like we do. We therefore recommend that we also air our furnishings regularly and ensure that the humidity is between 50 - 60%, especially during the heating periods. Because extreme heating can make your furniture porous and brittle. If in doubt, you can also get a humidifier.

Tip #2 Avoid the sun's rays Over time, the sun's rays can fade the table. Try to find a spot that avoids direct sun.

Tip No. 3 Prevent To avoid stains, we recommend using tablecloths or placeholders. These not only look aesthetic, but also help you to protect your dining table. After the meal it is sufficient if the table is cleaned with a damp kitchen towel. Also, you should never leave wet objects or hot cookware on the table. Ravensberger Str. 61 32312 Lübbecke @rellgoliving

Tip #4 Remove scratches and stubborn stains If you do end up with a scratch or stain, don't panic. You can use a piece of sandpaper to gently remove the affected area. To avoid big differences in height, you can simply sand a little more extensively. Then you work in some wood oil to create a smooth effect.

Tip No. 5 Care for your dining table regularly So that you can enjoy your dining table for many years, we recommend that you oil the tabletop with wood oil once a year. We recommend the Rubio Monocoat brand for this. If you're not sure which color you had, feel free to contact us.

Tip: If you've had enough of your old color, you can also test new colors. You can also borrow samples from us. Incidentally, you can find all care products in our shop: Surface Care: The perfect solution for quick and gentle cleaning and care Grease Remover: Grease cleaning spray to remove grease stains such as chips, oil, etc. Care oil: Makes your table shine again Rubio Oil Plus 2C: Seals and maintains your table.