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The dining table

center of your home

Where does the whole family gather? Of course at the dining table ! No piece of furniture is as important and versatile as the dining room table . Whether it's eating with the family, a game night with friends or a coffee party with your best friend, the dining table is always the focal point of your home. In this place you can relax, laugh, chat and just have a good time.

So that you can find the right table for you, we have put together some facts and information about the dining table for you here.

Table of contents

The different types of dining room table

Wood, glass, metal: what suits me?

Which table suits my style of living best?

What size is best for my space?

Conclusion: The perfect dining table for you

The different types of dining room table

Whether rectangular, square, round, extendable or rather counter-shaped? Each space offers its own benefits and each person has their own needs. Therefore, you should approach the purchase of a dining table with care. First of all, we summarize all the key data for you here.

The rectangular one – a classic

Probably the best-selling dining room table is the rectangular one. Whether for four people or ten, there is space for the whole family at this table. Due to its shape and size, the long table becomes the highlight of your living and dining area.

Not only chairs can be perfectly combined with this table, but also benches are a special eye-catcher. Which, by the way, are currently extremely trendy!

You can also play wonderfully with the frames and thereby even enhance the room.
Whether wooden legs or solid metal, you can choose the base frame according to your taste and style. The runners , which form a kind of U-shape, or the so-called ' spider frame ', which brings a modern touch to your dining room, are particularly popular.

The Square - A space saver

The square table is perfect for small kitchens . You can place it anywhere, even against the wall, this space saver makes a good impression. It is ideal for small families and single stalls.

The oval or round – for a better overview

Oval dining tables can accommodate more than four people, while round tables usually have space for a smaller group. But regardless of whether they are oval or round, both dining tables have one thing in common, they create the best overview of the people sitting at them. Due to the curves, all participants can communicate without any problems. So it's perfect for a chatty evening. It's not for nothing that curves are making a comeback!

The extendable one – a quick-change artist

You need a table that is variable? No problem! The extendable dining table is perfect for small families who like to dine with friends . It is not only practical, but also very versatile. You can quickly turn a small table into a giant in just a few moves. You can find the quick-change artist either with a classic X-frame or alternatively as a so-called ' pedestal table '.

The counter – a link

The counter offers several benefits at once. On the one hand counters are super space-saving , on the other hand they serve as a link between the kitchen and living and dining area . In addition, a counter can also be used as an optical room divider . Counters are particularly attractive in open-plan kitchens. With the matching bar stool , the kitchen invites you to cook together.

Wood, glass, metal, plastic: what suits me?

The choice of material is diverse. Whether wood, glass, metal or plastic, each type of material offers its own advantages. The most important thing here is what you want from the table. Here you will find a short summary to make your decision easier.

The wooden table - rustic and natural

Wood is a popular choice when it comes to dining room tables. No other material is used more often than the wood look. But why is the classic so popular? Quite simply, the natural texture brings a lot of warmth and cosiness into your four walls. In addition, wood is a renewable resource that has the reputation of being durable .

The care and cleaning is usually easy and problem-free. A dry or slightly damp cloth works best here. If the stain is stubborn or even a scratch has occurred, you can easily remove it carefully with sandpaper. With solid wood, we also recommend using wood wax from time to time. This gives the wood a nice shine and supports longevity.

It is important that you never leave hot materials such as pots and pans on the table. These burn into the wood and cause unsightly stains. Even wet objects should never be left on the wood.

If you are already convinced of the wooden table, but have not yet been able to decide on a type of wood, we have summarized some information for you here: Types of wood and their use *

The glass table - glamorous and elegant

Anyone who celebrates the modern lifestyle might find the glass table interesting. Despite its transparency, this dining room table is a real eye-catcher . Its simple design lets you stand out from the crowd and conjures up a chic touch in your dining room.

Cleaning is also easy. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner, done! However, we recommend using additional placeholders or a tablecloth in a household with children. Fingerprints stay away and the glass doesn't get scratched either.

The metal table - noble and robust

Few dining tables are made entirely of metal, mostly it is a successful material mix of metal and wood or glass. This cool mix is ​​perfect for lovers of the industrial look and is reminiscent of old factories and warehouses .

The quickest way to clean metal is with a damp cloth. As a rule, there are no signs of wear and tear for many years. Nothing stands in the way of wild parties.

The plastic table - modern and weatherproof

No table is as versatile as the plastic dining table. It can be used both indoors and outdoors . Its easy-care nature allows for different shapes and colors. Therefore, designer tables are considered to be particularly eye-catching and unique .

All you need is a damp cloth for cleaning. It couldn't be easier!

Which table suits my furnishing style best?

With all the different styles, the decision is sometimes quite difficult, from modern to Scandinavian, boho or country house? But industrial and retro are also very popular. But what actually goes best with my style of living? We have summarized all styles for you.

Modern - minimalistic and clean

The modern style of living is dominated by colors such as white, grey, chrome and stainless steel . Furniture and decorative items tend to be clean and edgy . Overall, the whole color scheme is kept simple and subtle . The motto here is less is more! Glass elements such as a dining room table complete the look.

This goes with minimalism:

  • high gloss furniture
  • Chrome decoration
  • Bright angular rooms
  • Minimalist decor
  • Marble side table
  • LED lighting
  • Clear lines and smooth surfaces
  • A lot of order
  • Timeless forms

Scandi - close to nature and cozy

The Scandinavian style of living is characterized by simple, straightforward wood and light, warm colours . Flourishes and embellishments as well as fashionable conspicuous features or oppressive colors are completely avoided. The Nordic style concentrates more on simple and down-to-earth designs , which at the same time puts the focus on functionality and natural materialism . This style is best combined with light tables made of wood or solid wood .

This fits the Nordic style:

  • wood furniture
  • Natural stone decoration
  • Light or white elements
  • Straightforward and natural forms
  • candles
  • Linen blankets and towels
  • Vases with branches
  • skins and wicker baskets

Boho - casual and creative

The bohemian style stands for freedom and is probably the focus of many interior designers. This style used to be considered too extreme and reminded many of the wild 60s. However, this look is celebrating its comeback with lots of ethnic accessories and 1960s kitsch . Under no circumstances should Ikat patterns be missing, a mixture of beige and black is particularly popular. Wild fringes and elaborate weaving techniques are also a must for hippie chic . Therefore, a solid wood dining table with a spider frame looks best in the boho house.

This goes with the boho style:

  • Tapestries and Macrame
  • dream catcher
  • Ethno flair and folklore pieces
  • Blankets and pillows with fringes and tassels
  • Ikat and aztec patterns
  • Beige and black accents
  • homemade
  • Not styled, but imperfect
  • Basic colors like white, beige, brown and black
  • wicker furniture
  • hanging basket

You can find out how you can make a wall hanging yourself in our article: “ Macrame instructions: knotting a wall hanging yourself

Cottage – Cozy and Rustic

The country house look is based on traditional shapes and colors . This includes old, faded wood furniture reminiscent of peasant or farmhouses. Paintwork that has flaked off or been applied later should not be missing from the shabby chic style . Likewise, feminine accents in the form of floral wallpaper or fabrics are often added. The style of living can be rounded off perfectly with do-it-yourself projects or recycled materials . That's why we recommend Dining Room Tables with Vintage Fler here.

This fits the farmhouse style:

  • Lots of flourishes and floral patterns
  • Light wood with a vintage look
  • Glass vases with ornaments
  • Old farm style crockery
  • Cotton cushions and tablecloths with lace
  • Romantic candlesticks made of gold, brass or copper
  • Light appearance and pastel tones
  • White and cream furniture
  • Farm style storage jars

You can find out how to upcycle vintage furniture in this post: " Found objects in grandma's basement: How to transform vintage furniture into a country house it-piece "*³

Industrial - Cool and robust

The industrial style is reminiscent of old factories and warehouses. Everything around it looks massive, rustic and used . Coarse wood and rust as well as metal are an absolute must. The loft style works best in a rather cool environment with lots of gray tones and concrete floors or walls . But bricks and raw masonry as well as an open room concept with high walls have also established themselves as absolute design features. To complete the look we recommend a solid wood table with U-runners .

That goes with the loft look:

  • leather furniture
  • Wooden cabinets and sideboards
  • Metal and brass lamps
  • Iron and aluminum furniture and decoration
  • cowhide rug
  • Bare lightbulbs
  • Significant signs of wear and tear
  • Beige, brown and red tones
  • Large wall clocks
  • Room dividers made from old factory windows
  • Tin Signs and Gears
  • Unplastered pipelines

Retro - Bold and Lively

The retro style is reminiscent of the 50s, 60s and 70s . However, furniture and accessories do not come from this era. They are newly made, but lean towards those years . Striking and bright colors and graphic prints are part of this style. But teak furniture is also typical of this style. For a visual highlight, we recommend styling the dining room with a colorful plastic table .

That goes with the retro wave:

  • Graphic and geometric shapes in wallpaper and throw pillows
  • Flashy lounge chairs
  • Teak wood furniture
  • 60s decoration in gold
  • Tropical pattern
  • Colorful highlights
  • Angled lamps and chandeliers

Which table size is best for my space?

To determine the right size for your room, you should first check how much space is available for the dining table. Then follow our 3-steps here to find the right table size.

  • You should first assume that you need 60 to 80 cm of space from each side of the table , otherwise freedom of movement is restricted.

  • When choosing a table, you should also consider the size of your family. As a rule, one plans 40 cm x 60 cm per person for a corner table . This means that a table measuring 120 cm x 80 cm is ideal for a family of four.

The calculation looks different for a round table . Now, if we assume a table diameter of 100 cm, we multiply this value by pi. Then we divide the result by 60 cm (the space required per person).

So: 100 cm * Pi = 314.159265 -> 314.159265 : 60 cm = 5.23598775 -> ~ 5 people

  • The height of the dining room table is usually between 70 and 80 cm . Therefore, when buying dining room chairs, you should make sure that there is a space of about 30 cm between the table top and the seat . If the chairs have armrests, these should also be included in the calculation.

Tip: When buying a dining set or a placemat, you can assume that all dimensions are already coordinated.

The rectangular / oval:

With a rectangular or oval table, we recommend the following number of people per side of the table .

60 – 110 cm = 1 - 2 person(s)

120 - 170 cm = 2 - 3 people

180 - 230 cm = 3 - 4 people

240 - 290 cm = 4 - 5 people

300 - 350 cm = 5 - 6 people


The rectangular / round:

With a rectangular or round table, we recommend the following number of people per side of the table .

Total number of people

Length of rectangular tables in cm

Diameter round tables in cm


120 cm

80 cm


180 cm

120 cm


240 cm

160 cm


300 cm



*However, please first check the width of your dining room chairs, taking into account the table legs, so that there is really enough space for each person.

Conclusion: The perfect dining table for you

For the right choice of the dining table you will find a brief summary of the most important information here.

  • Square or round: basically it is a matter of taste. However, it is usually better to place a square table in all corners. A round table invites you to social gatherings.
  • For large rooms : the rectangular or oval dining room table is ideal for an open-plan dining room. Striking solid wood tables , which form the highlight, are particularly popular.
  • For small kitchens : the square or round table fits perfectly in small kitchens. In order not to make the room appear even more refined, we recommend a glass table . Alternatively, a counter could also enlarge the room.
  • For many guests : With regular visitors , the pull-out could be the best solution.
  • The right size: so that everyone has enough space, we recommend leaving around 60 cm of space at the back. You should plan an additional 60 cm in width per person.
  • The right height: As a rule, you can assume 70 - 80 cm. You should assume a distance of 30 cm between the tabletop and the seat. You should also include armrests.

If you have any further questions, we can of course also advise you by telephone or e-mail: Help and questions

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