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Alteiche  - Holz mit Geschichte

Old oak - wood with history

Anyone who is interested in interior design will sooner or later come across wooden furniture made from old oak.
Solid dining tables and highboards seem to be particularly popular here.

But why is old wood suddenly so popular?
Quite simply, old wood not only brings rustic warmth into your four walls, it also tells a story that can be more than 100 years old.

Because this particularly unique tabletop is made from old log and half-timbered houses, barns and farms. And what can be more valuable and robust than a piece of furniture that is 100 years old and still looks great?!

The thick grooves and consciously tactile bumps give a feeling of a particularly strong bond with nature. Dark, uneven grain and the solid texture underline the stability and the massive appearance.

By reusing the oak wood, the healthy and ecological regrowth of oak forests is also supported. For this reason, old oak is particularly popular with Scandinavian lovers. Because natural resources, minimalism and comfort characterize the Scandi style.

Care instructions: As beautiful as reclaimed wood tables are to look at, there are still a few things that need to be considered.

Do you like order? Then the old oak doesn't suit your lifestyle. Natural grooves and cracks invite crumbs to linger. And removing them is not easy. 🙈

But if you see yourself as more of a laid-back nature lover, then this table will knock your socks off. 😲🌿

Due to the uneven grain and color, this wooden panel is otherwise considered to be easy to care for and stain-resistant.
Small scratches can be easily removed with sandpaper.
With the right wood care in the form of wax or oil, everything is like new again...or should we say old? 😅

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