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Grease Remover 500ml

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Rubio MONOCOAT Grease Remover

When it comes to caring for your oiled wooden table, you need to act quickly to avoid stains that can penetrate the wood and cause permanent damage.
A damp cloth alone is often not enough to completely remove grease stains. This is where Rubio Monocoat's grease cleaner comes into play.
It has been specially developed for cleaning wood and is easy to use in the practical spray bottle.

The ready-to-use special cleaner is quickly at hand and removes unpleasant grease stains quickly and reliably before they penetrate the wood.

If you buy Rubio Monocoat's grease cleaner now, you can ensure that your wooden table always stays clean and free from nasty grease stains. In addition, you should carry out regular wood care to keep the wood in good condition. With the right care, your wooden table will last a long time and always look like new.

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